MetaManiacs Organized Play Venue Application

If you are a store owner or tournament organizer who would like your local area to host a MetaManiacs Championship Cup Circuit event, please complete the application below. Your venue's eligibility will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding your status as soon as possible.

Eligible venues will be able to purchase an event kit on a quarterly basis to run a MetaManiacs Championship Cup Circuit event. See this link for information regarding the current kit contents. Venues will remain eligible indefinitely provided their events are properly reported; however, we reserve the right to deny a venue's eligibility for any reason should the need arise.

New applicants will be able to start with the Season 1 2019 kit, and should plan to host their event in the months of May-June 2019. Following your approval, we will be in email contact with you to set up purchase of your chosen kit (est. cost between $100 and $150) and schedule your event date.

Venues hosting an event will be expected to report the results of the event, including collecting MMIDs for all players in attendance and providing three pictures: One of a round in progress, one of the top cut, and one of the champion. Failure to meet these requirements may result in denial of eligibility to host future events.

If you are already an approved venue, you do not need to complete this form again. You will receive an email when the next season's kits become available.
I understand that MetaManiacs tournament kits or the contents within are not to be resold.