The next level of MetaX competition has arrived!

You’ve waited a long time, so let’s cut right to the chase – MetaManiacs is kicking off our own Organized Play program supporting the MetaX TCG in 2019!

The MetaManiacs Championship Cup Circuit, or MMCCC, is our flagship tournament program that allow venues across the country to host events where players will battle it out across multiple seasons for exclusive playmats, exclusive promos, MetaX booster pack product, and Championship Credits, which will be tracked through a player’s MetaManiacs ID (MMID).

Players are encouraged to travel to multiple events to score more Championship Credits, and at the end of 2019, the top Credit scorers overall will receive bonus prizing, including the coveted 2019 MetaManaics Championship Cup as a grand prize!

We currently plan on two seasons in 2019, with the ability to add a third if demand exists. Each “Season” is a series of events that take place over a 2 month span. Our planned Seasons are as follows:

Season One: May-June 2019

Season Two: August-September 2019

Players earn their Championship Credits across all of the seasons in a single year, so even if you aren’t able to travel, if a local shop hosts an event in each season, you will still be able to accumulate your Credits through your local shop across both of their events. After all of 2019’s seasons have  concluded, the players who have earned the most Credits across the year will be rewarded, and the 2019 Championship Cup will go to the player who has earned the most – so get out there and battle it out to be the ultimate MetaManiac!

As we’ve mentioned, we currently have plans for two seasons, but there may still be a third in late 2019. We have chosen to not schedule it immediately because we are looking to adapt and adjust the MMCCC to best fit the MetaX TCG community. If we need to change how these events are being scheduled or operated, we want to ensure we’ve allowed some time to figure out how to address any issues before committing to a third season in 2019. During Season 1, we will be seeking feedback from players and stores involved in the MMCCC and will have a definitive schedule set before the start of Season Two.

Speaking of which, MMCCC 2019 Season 2 kicks off this year at GenCon 2019 – exact event scheduling TBA! Stay tuned for more details on that exciting event.

So what can you expect for prizing at an MMCCC event?

View the Season 1 Kit below…!

Every MMCCC Season will feature unique promo cards that cannot be acquired anywhere else, provided to us by Panini Games. This season we have the Dark Knight himself with Batman – Bruce Wayne (P7-BM), available as a full playset of 3 to any player who makes top cut in an event.

As a participation prize, each player will receive at least one copy of Synchronicity (P8-AT), with additional copies to be handed out at the venue’s discretion.

And, of course, our unique, custom art playmats are included in each kit – Season 1 features a “Cop Collab” theme, as you can see by the Work in Progress image above! The final version will be shown soon and will, of course, be in full color. Kits will contain one Champion playmat and a number of Top Cut playmats.

The numbers of each promo available and the number of Top Cut playmats will depend on the size of kit each venue orders. We are offering both Top 8 and Top 4 kits so a venue can adjust its investment based on its expected turnout.

Each kit will also contain THREE MetaX Booster Boxes – one Green Lantern, one Attack on Titan, and one Batman. These will ensure that stores have adequate prizing and can be given out at the store’s discretion, though we will include some suggestions for how to dole it out in each kit.

These kits will be sold to approved venues at an estimated cost of $150 + shipping for a Top 8 Kit, and $100 + shipping for a Top 4 Kit.

Finally, we would like to add custom MetaManiacs Organized Play MP Tracker Cards to each order – if we meet a certain threshold of kit orders, we will put those into production right away and show the design off to everyone. So don’t wait, tell your local store to apply for a Season 1 Kit today!

In order to enable tracking of Champion Credits and player infractions, we have created the MetaManiacs ID system. Players can register for an MMID by filling out the form at this link. Your local store will collect your MMIDs on signup, and following each event, your Championship Credits will be updated in our database and a system coming soon will allow you to keep tabs on how many Credits you have and compare with other MetaX players worldwide.

We will have another post coming in April detailing how Championship Credits are gained at each event, so stay tuned for that and more updates to the MMID system in the future!

We hope you all are as excited as we are to kick off some true competitive play for the MetaX TCG. We look forward to your response and working with the community to craft an exciting competitive experience for this awesome game. If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions, feel free to send it here. We’ll see you guys on the Circuit!